Terms & Conditions

Workshop bookings:

To confirm a place on one of our workshops, payment must be made in full at time of booking via our website. Cancellation policy for all workshops: There are no refunds on workshops once booked, you may however transfer to another of Mary's workshops within a year of payment if you have given one weeks notice before the enrolled workshop date.


Payment for treatment must be made at the end of your consultation / studio session by cheque or cash only. We apologise that we cannot accept payment by card at this time. A receipt can be given on request.

Cancellation policy for treatments: We require 24-hours notice of cancellations (48-hours notice over weekends and bank holidays). After this time, the full fee applies and you will be invoiced accordingly.

Matwork classes:

All new clients are required to have a 1:1 or assessment first before joining one of our matwork classes unless you have a sound grounding in the Pilates method and are not symptomatic.

To book your matwork course place, payment must be made in advance by the required date set by your teacher. Please note there are no refunds given on classes missed.

Please bring to your appointment:

• Appropriate dress (e.g. shorts if examination of lower limbs is required, or vest top if examination of your upper limbs is required).

• Completed health questionnaire and consent form.

• Referral letter from your GP, Physiotherapist, or other referring professional, including their contact details. (Note: A referral is not essential.)

• All reports of x-rays, scans, etc., relating to your symptoms.

Privacy Policy:

To help us devise a treatment plan for you we require you to complete & date a health questionnaire and provide us with past and present medical history. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all personal data and circumstances are held in the strictest confidence.

All client records and treatment records are stored in a safe and fully secured environment. We do not and will not share your information with any other persons or third parties unless requested by yourself in writing. We will hold your records for a minimum of 7 years from the last point of contact ( In the case of minors, 7 years after they turn 18 years of age).

If you wish us to liaise with another health provider regarding your treatment we require you to sign a consent form allowing us to do so.

We will occasionally need to contact you to rearrange an appointment or discuss your treatment. In this instance we will use either the email or phone number that you have provided us with.

You have the right to view the information we hold about you by requesting in writing to: The Clinical Pilates Studio, The Mews, 5a Watts Lane, Eastbourne, BN21 1NP.


Use of this website, external links, and direct marketing:

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We may use your contact details to send you direct marketing information about The Clinical Pilates Studio. You have the option to be removed from our direct marketing mailing list by requesting your removal in writing to: The Clinical Pilates Studio, The Mews, 5a Watts Lane, Eastbourne, BN21 1NP.

You have the option to be removed from our emailed Newsletter database by responding to the opt-out facility at the bottom of the e-newsletter.


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