Teacher training workshops

Are you already a teacher of movement or Physiotherapist looking to expand and deepen your existing knowledge?

Mary Thornton offers a range of one day workshops for movement teachers and allied health professionals wishing to continue their professional development.

Many of our workshops hold Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) CEC points

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Upcoming workshop dates

Power of breath for charity network girls - Sunday 9th September, 2.30 - 5pm, £30

The Clinical Pilates studio, The Mews, Watts lane, BN20 8HA. Join Mary on Sunday 9th September for her popular Power of breath workshop. This is a 2.5 hour practical workshop open to clients & teachers. It is a great way to reconnect with your breath to help reduce stress and re balance mind and body. All the proceeds from this workshop will help raise money to set up an Eastbourne branch of the charity girls network. Which inspires and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a mentor and a network of professional female role models. https://www.thegirlsnetwork.org.uk

Scoliosis - a treatment plan - Saturday 4th August, 1 - 5pm

Tranquility Pilates Studio Ltd, 16 – 18 New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London


Pilates & osteoporosis - Saturday 15th September, 1 - 5pm

Tranquility Pilates Studio Ltd, 16 – 18 New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London


British Fascia Symposium- Saturday 12th & 13th May 2018.

Mary will be teaching two movement classes at this wonderful inspirational weekend of everything fascia, along side leadering presenters Eric Franklin, Elizaberh Larkem, Robert Schleip, Carol Davis, John Sharkey, Joanne Avision.


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To confirm a place on one of our workshops, payment must be made in full at time of booking via our website. Cancellation policy for all workshops: There are no refunds on workshops once booked, you may however transfer to another of Mary's workshops if you have given one weeks notice before the workshop date.

Any questions? Please email: info@theclinicalpilatesstudio.co.uk or call: 01323 419083

Overview of Our Pilates Course Subjects:

Pilates & Osteoporosis
This informative workshop explores this common pathology and aims to give you the knowledge to help you assess and adapt Pilates for clients with osteoporosis. We will discuss why certain Pilates movements may be contraindicated for people with osteoporosis and the common fracture sites that are apparent from research studies, as well as exploring the importance of weight bearing movements.
Duration: 4 hours (4 PMA CEC)

Hypermobility – Keeping It In The Box!
Mary will be presenting a theory and practical based workshop combining Physiotherapy and modified Pilates methods to examine the pathology of hypermobility in its many spectrums. By looking at the muscular skeletal dysfunctions, we will explore and understand the importance of correct cueing and handling techniques to facilitate the myofascial lines of the lower limb and their relevance on function. The outcome of the workshop is that the teacher will be able to identify the dysfunction and devise a safe and effective movement programme to re educate gait & pelvic stability in the hypermobile client as well as exploring the benefits of breath control to release tension and manage pain.
Duration: 4 hours (4 PMA CEC)

Scoliosis - a treatment plan
This workshop examines the Pathology and etiology of scoliosis and how to use modified Pilates to help your client manage this condition. We will break down the basic principles of how to examine a client with scoliosis, identifying how the curves presented and how to plan what movement to use when devising a Pilates programme. We will also examine the effects of scoliosis on breathing patterns and diaphragm function.
Duration: 4 hours (4 PMA CEC)

Hip & Knee Replacement Rehabilitation
Develop a deeper understanding of these common orthopaedic surgical procedures and learn how to apply a modified Pilates programme during the rehabilitation phase and beyond. Mary will break the rehab process down into 3 basic stages enabling you to safely and confidently plan a Pilates programme post surgery.
Duration: 4 hours (4 PMA CEC)

In this workshop Mary shares her 20 years of clinical experience as a Physiotherapist to help you gain a deeper understanding of these common spinal pathologies; prolapsed disc, stenosis, osteoarthritis. Mary examines how these pathologies present to us and the effect pain from these conditions can have on a clients movements patterns, breath and daily function. You will then have the opportunity to practice exercises to restore movement patterns and fascial function that you can use with clients suffering from these conditions.
Duration: 4 hours (4 PMA CEC)

The Pelvic Floor
Mary incorporates her vast clinical experience as a senior NHS Physiotherapist in Women's health to help you gain a deeper understanding of the pelvic floor and its dysfunction. This workshop revises the anatomy of the female pelvic floor and examines common genealogical surgery and the impact of child birth on this group of muscles. You will then explore the fascial connection of the lower quadrant and its relevance to addressing pelvic floor function dysfunction in clients.
Duration: 4 hours

The Power of Breath
A practical workshop exploring the physiology of breath and how it can be used to calm as well as energise the body. Breath is often the last movement pattern that we facilitate in our clients but for well being it is the most important. In the session you will have the opportunity to learn how to use breath as a relaxation tool to manage stress. Then mindfully we will incorporate our breath work into fluid movement patterns. We will practice different types of breathing methods and discuss when its appropriate to use them.
Duration: 3 hours (3 PMA CEC)

Equestrian Pilates
This workshop is based on Mary's research in preparation for the UKs first 'Equestrian Pilates' DVD. Along side 4 riders Mary examined the common muscular imbalances that riders develop and produced a Pilates programme to address them. During the workshop you will learn how to identify these imbalances and what Pilates based exercises you can teach your clients to help enhance the riders performance.
Duration: 3 hours


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We are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher in Eastbourne. Mary Thornton you are brilliant!
— Tony Gordon